Monday, 3 March 2014

Sonic8 to distribute Image Line in the UK and Ireland

We're extremely pleased to announce that as of 1st March 2014 Sonic8 have taken on exclusive distribution of Image Line's range of professional audio products in the UK and Ireland.
Image Line made a name for themselves with the ground-breaking Fruity Loops (now FL Studio) and have gone from strength to strength with the latest version, FL Studio 11 containingeverything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

FL Studio 11 represents more than 14 years of innovative developments and Image line are also committed to Lifetime Free Updates!
However good FL Studio 11 is (and we think it's great!) it's not the only product in Image Line's portfolio - They're also the guys behind the Deckadance v2 DJ software. Version 2 of this DJ mixing application works either as a standalone program or as a VSTi inside your favourite host. Deckadance can also host any VST compliant softsynth or effect.

Deckadance v2 can be controlled with a mouse, MIDI controller and most (if not all) timecoded vinyl & CD systems and has been tested with timecode vinyls & CDs from msPinky, Stanton FinalScratch, MixVibes, Serato Scratch Live, Virtual DJ, PCDJ Reflex & Torq*.

Monday, 28 January 2013

NAMM Round Up Part 1..

Sonic8 Limited have been busying ourselves at the NAMM show in Anaheim this past week and we've got some great news from some of our manufacturers. We'll post you the full round up when our guys get off the plane but to whet your appetites here's a few choice titbits!

ART unveil a new tube preamp with integrated Antares Auto-Tune®

Tube Preanp with Auto-Tune
No your eyes are not deceiving you! This is indeed a tube preamp with the addition or Antares, industry standard, Auto-Tune® Technology. Here's what the manufacturer has to say:

Now live artists can easily add high quality Antares pitch processing without the complexity and cost of an external computer and software.
Auto-Tune Pre EFX Section: The Antares Auto-Tune section of the product is designed to have a user interface and functionality that is similar to the Auto-Tune EFX Plug-In. Users can select the Key, Scale and EFX type. Individual notes can be toggled on or off using the key pads for more customization. Edits can be stored in one of five footswitch accessible presets. (Footswitch optional)
The ultra low noise discrete microphone preamp front end has an extremely flat and wide frequency response and handles a wide range of input signal levels with a minimum of coloration. High quality hand selected 12AX7A tube circuit adds warmth to the signal path. Insert jack allows external processing to be added between the Preamp and Auto-Tune EFX section. The ¼-inch Footswitch jack on the rear allows remote access to the Bypass and Preset functions.


  •     Antares Auto-Tune® Processing
  •     Very Low Latency
  •     Five User Programmable Presets
  •     High Quality Class-A Tube Preamp
  •     +4/-10 selectable output level
  •     Insert Jack
  •     Optional footswitch (off/on & Preset  Advance)
  •     Selectable Pitch Correction Effect (from subtle to obvious)  

12 brand new expansion libraries for BEAT THANG and BTV Software.

BKE Technology, the guys behind the BEAT THANG portable, professional, sampling drum machine workstation have teamed up with some of the world’s top Sound Designers to develop a whole line of premium EDM, Hip Hop, and Instrument Sound Packs.

Early 2013 Releases include:

-       Trancematic
-       Housematic 
-       The Edge 
-       Distorted Soul
-       EDM Injection
-       6 BLOCC’s Dubstep Ammo
-       Impulse Factory’s Infected Virus Synths
-       D.A.V.E. the Drummer Tekno Toolbox
-       6 BLOCC Drumstep 
-       Frederic Devanlay Presents: Cinematic Tools 
-       Lenny Dee Drum Shots 
-       Freedom East Coast Hip Hop vol. 2 

These expansion Sound Packs are all pre-formatted for immediate use in BEAT THANG and BTV, and can be purchased a la carte and in various bundles or collections (TBC).

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Auto-Tune 7 goes 64-bit

At7 Now 64-bit
We're pleased to announce that Antares have released 64-bit compatible versions of Auto-Tune 7
 Specifically, the latest Auto-Tune 7 release includes 64-bit compatible versions for Mac and PC VST and Mac Audio Units. (The RTAS versions, of course, remain 32 bit, as there is currently no 64-bit version of Pro Tools.)

While boxed copies of the new version aren't yet shipping, anyone who buys and registers a copy of of a previous version of Auto-Tune 7 on or after September 8, 2012 is eligible for a free upgrade to the 64-bit version. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Come and meet Sonic8 at BPM at the NEC this weekend

Sonic8 at BPM
Sonic8 Limited will be at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend at BPM 2012 - The World's Largest DJing & Electronic Dance Music Production Show. We'll be on Stand E11 alongside West End Production and will be displaying, demoing and discussing some of our latest and greatest products.

Core products on demo will be:

1) First exclusive showing of the Electrix Tweaker We'll also have a representative from Electrix flown over specially to show off exactly what this unique unit can do!

Beat ThangBeat Thang Virtual As well as in depth demos we'll be giving 1 lucky show visitor per day a free copy of Beat Thang Virtual - just come to stand E11 to find out how you can win this.

3) Geist & Synth Squad from FXpansion - Amazing Show Offers!

4) ARTcessories such as USB Phono Plus v2, Cleanbox II, Deejay PRE II

All products will be sold through West End Production & DJ and there will be amazing offers on all our products at the show with exclusive prices
available on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

See you there....

Friday, 25 November 2011

Amazing Black Friday deals for Antares Auto-Tune, FXpansion’s Geist and DCAM: Synth Squad plus Zildjian’s GEN16 Promotion and Sonic8’s £500 Christmas Prize Draw

FXpansion Black Friday Special Deals
Award Winning FXpansion Products
From Nov 25 through to Dec 31, 2011 FXpansion are dropping the prices of their award winning GEIST and DCAM: Synth Squad software products.
These 2 products represent the cutting edge of what can be achieved with software synthesis and beat creation technology.
Geist is now reduced from £165 inc. VAT to £99 inc. VAT
DCAM: Synth Squad is now reduced from £165 inc. VAT to £69 inc. VAT

Contact your local dealer or click here for more information.

Sign up and view the Sonic8 catalogue now - click for your chance to win £500 worth of pro audio gear. E&OE

Sonic8 Christmas 2011 Prize Draw - just look at our new a catalogue!
Sonic8 Catalogue 2011 Available Now
To celebrate the start of the holiday season and the release of our Sonic8 2011 Autumn catalogue, we are offering you the chance to win £500 worth of the finest professional audio kit of your choice from our extensive portfolio. Be it superb drums with FXpansion's BFD, industry standard audio editing with BIAS Peak or professional preamplification from ART, we can help you realise your music making and recording dreams this Christmas.

Simply sign up to view the Sonic8 Autumn 2011 catalogue at between 24/11/2011 and 24/12/2011 and you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win Sonic8 products of your choice up to the value of £500!

(For full terms & conditions of this prize draw, click here).

Buy and register Auto-Tune 7 Native or Auto-Tune 7 TDM between Nov 25 and Dec 31, 2011 and claim a free copy of Mic Mod efx worth £119.99 inc. VAT!
Buy AT7 and get Mic Mod Free
Buy and register Auto-Tune 7 Native or Auto-Tune 7 TDM between Nov 25 and Dec 31, 2011 and claim a free copy of Mic Mod efx worth £119.99 inc. VAT (fulfilled at time of registration via electronic download).
This stunning piece of software enables the mics you own to sound like the mics you wish you owned - using Antares' patented Spectral Shaping Tool™ technology, they've created precise digital models of a wide variety of historical classic and exotic microphones. Simply tell Mic Mod efx what microphone you are actually using and what microphone you'd like it to sound like. It's as simple as that!

Contact your local dealer or click here for more information.

Sign up and view the Sonic8 catalogue now - click for your chance to win £500 worth of pro audio gear. E&OE

Gen16-Digital Vault Promotions
2 stunning Gen 16 promitions from Sonic8
As of November 1st, we are offering an unbelievable deal on the fantastic Gen16 - Digital Vault Series of cymbal expansion packs. These are complete sets of Zildjian's classic cymbals in digital format compatible with FXpansion's BFD2. Alternatively just plug them straight into your favourite DAW as the Gen16 Digital Vault Z-Pack includes it's own version of BFD ECO.

Deal 1: Purchase GEN16 Digital Vault Z-Pack and Receive S-Pack Vols. 1 & 2 at NO CHARGE!!

Deal 2: Purchase S-Pack Vol. 1 and Receive S-Pack Vol. 2 at NO CHARGE!!

Remember, this offer will end on 31st January 2012!

Contact your local dealer or click here for more information.

Sign up and view the Sonic8 catalogue now - click for your chance to win £500 worth of pro audio gear. E&OE

Thursday, 1 September 2011

BFD Eco Price Crash and other FXpansion Deals

As of September 1st BFD Eco - Fxpansion's entry level version of BFD has become even more affordable. Until December 31st this fully featured drum application will be available for just £29.00 inc VAT!!! That's a saving of over £70!!! This is available right now from all good retailers and the BFD Eco page at

In case you still don't know what BFD Eco does exactly here's what you missed:

BFD Eco gives you easy access to the some of the best sounds in the BFD2 library, recorded at London's Air Studios. The included sounds are full of dramatic levels of detail and mojo... Anything but sterile, BFD Eco is imbued with a musical character that sets it apart from the homogenized, flat sounds found elsewhere.

Included are over 40 presets that showcase the powerful, punchy-sounding mixing section. The EQ and dynamics/effect processing allow you to sculpt the raw sounds and lush stereo ambience for any situation. DCAM circuit-modelled compression, filtering and drive provide hardware-style tone and grit, while Overloud's Breverb plate algorithm can be used for artificial reverb effects.

BFD Eco also contains a Groove section containing over 1500 drum patterns to drag into your DAW, or to sequence on the built-in Drum Track. Preview patterns in sync with your project and use the humanization effects to adjust the feel to your needs. You can even export a stereo mixdown from the Groove engine - ideal for loops and breakbeats.

Other advanced features that set BFD Eco apart from the competition are its customizable keymapping, electronic drum support, the ability to combine kit-pieces from different expansion libraries, and an interface perfectly balanced between ease of use and powerful flexibility. It also can be upgraded to BFD2 - both are fully preset-compatible to enable a seamless transition.

Great stuff huh? 

If that wasn't enough we thought we'd remind you that there are still 2 other FXpansion promotions running to keep you making beats as the nights draw in and the days get colder.

That's right! If you buy BFD2 (£178.99 inc. VAT) or upgrade your copy of BFD Eco or BFD (just £119.99 inc. VAT) before the end of September you'll get a copy of BFD B.O.M.B absolutely free! See your local dealer or go to the BFD 2 or BFD II Upgrade pages on our website to get your hands on this stunning deal!

And last but by no means least until September 30, 2011 all purchasers of DCAM: Synth Squad will receive 3 FREE Preset Packs – Himalaya: Modernity, Himalaya: Antiquity & Myagi: Ferocity worth over £70 inc. VAT. Again contact your dealer or check out the DCAM page of the sonic8 website

Happy beat-making.

The Sonic8 Team...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sonic8 Meet the Gadget Show Live

Our intrepid tech, Tom Carter was recently sequestered into educating the lovely folks at the Gadget Show about the virtues of Antares Auto-Tune. 

Gadget Show Live
In an eventful session alongside Pollyanna Woodward, one of the presenters from the Gadget Show, Tom and their faithful engineer ran Auto-Tune EVO Native through its paces in a real-time, live show, show-down...

Everything ran smoothly and latency values were down to 5.6 milliseconds allowing the sound engineer to control, in real-time, the retune speed so the singer could sound like T-Pain/Cher in the choruses and simply natural in the verses.

There will be a total of 15 shows throughout the Gadget Show Live and this one should be aired on Channel 5 on Monday the 18th April, be sure to check it out!