Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Daily Express Auto-Tune video featuring Sonic8

As distributors of Antares Auto-Tune, Sonic8 are often called upon to answer questions regarding this industry standard application but it's unusual to catch us on camera....

In this article and video by the Daily Express we see Director Robert Morgan-Males interviewed at The Limehouse Recording Studio, London while reporter Sophie Donnelly tries her hand at using Auto-Tune with Del Gibbons at the controls.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Auto-Tune Gate!

The scandall that's rocked the TV talent show world has spilled over to the mainstream media, even Jon Snow's having a go at using Auto-Tune himself now.. And he's actually not that bad... Simon Cowell, you might have a new contestant! 

This one doesn't look like it's going away in a hurry. The Xfactor boss was quoted in the Daily Mirror saying that 'the sh** has hit the fan' and was "shocked about the fans' reaction and wanted to do something straight away" so has banned the use of the product on the XFactor...

Will we now get an idea how bad (or good) they really are... Will this mean the end for the X Factor brand now the public have lost confidence? Who knows!

Sonic8 Limited have even been interviewed about the issue this week, acting as a voice of reason our director Robert Morgan-Males stated on the PM show on Radio 4 " about 90% of chart material may have been auto-tuned but it's used so subtley that you'd not notice it". 

Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field
Even Robbie Williams has been quoted saying "Everybody uses Auto-Tune these days. Have you got a spellcheck on your computer? Why, can't you spell?" 

We'll be posting the rest of the fall-out from this as develops....

Monday, 23 August 2010

The Auto Tune X Factor

According to the BBC today X Factor bosses have admitted using vocal enhancement processes on the hit ITV talent show.
Artists such as Gamu Nhengu, G&S and Shirleena Johnson all show signs of "autotune moments" according to Future Music editor Daniel Griffiths.
As the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Iberia and DACH distributors of Auto Tune, Sonic8 Limited are keeping a close eye on this story as it unfolds.
Click here for the full story about the X Factor Auto Tune episode from the BBC

Click here to check Gamu Nhengu's  performance for yourself.  You'll also see a post by a disgruntled viewer saying:

"Cannot believe they autotuned her, listen to the words 'door' and 'telephone' and its very clear. Shes so good aswell, but obviously the producers of xfactor didnt think she was good enough..."

It's going to be interesting to watch the fallout from this and we'll keep you posted on the developments.