Monday, 28 January 2013

NAMM Round Up Part 1..

Sonic8 Limited have been busying ourselves at the NAMM show in Anaheim this past week and we've got some great news from some of our manufacturers. We'll post you the full round up when our guys get off the plane but to whet your appetites here's a few choice titbits!

ART unveil a new tube preamp with integrated Antares Auto-Tune®

Tube Preanp with Auto-Tune
No your eyes are not deceiving you! This is indeed a tube preamp with the addition or Antares, industry standard, Auto-Tune® Technology. Here's what the manufacturer has to say:

Now live artists can easily add high quality Antares pitch processing without the complexity and cost of an external computer and software.
Auto-Tune Pre EFX Section: The Antares Auto-Tune section of the product is designed to have a user interface and functionality that is similar to the Auto-Tune EFX Plug-In. Users can select the Key, Scale and EFX type. Individual notes can be toggled on or off using the key pads for more customization. Edits can be stored in one of five footswitch accessible presets. (Footswitch optional)
The ultra low noise discrete microphone preamp front end has an extremely flat and wide frequency response and handles a wide range of input signal levels with a minimum of coloration. High quality hand selected 12AX7A tube circuit adds warmth to the signal path. Insert jack allows external processing to be added between the Preamp and Auto-Tune EFX section. The ¼-inch Footswitch jack on the rear allows remote access to the Bypass and Preset functions.


  •     Antares Auto-Tune® Processing
  •     Very Low Latency
  •     Five User Programmable Presets
  •     High Quality Class-A Tube Preamp
  •     +4/-10 selectable output level
  •     Insert Jack
  •     Optional footswitch (off/on & Preset  Advance)
  •     Selectable Pitch Correction Effect (from subtle to obvious)  

12 brand new expansion libraries for BEAT THANG and BTV Software.

BKE Technology, the guys behind the BEAT THANG portable, professional, sampling drum machine workstation have teamed up with some of the world’s top Sound Designers to develop a whole line of premium EDM, Hip Hop, and Instrument Sound Packs.

Early 2013 Releases include:

-       Trancematic
-       Housematic 
-       The Edge 
-       Distorted Soul
-       EDM Injection
-       6 BLOCC’s Dubstep Ammo
-       Impulse Factory’s Infected Virus Synths
-       D.A.V.E. the Drummer Tekno Toolbox
-       6 BLOCC Drumstep 
-       Frederic Devanlay Presents: Cinematic Tools 
-       Lenny Dee Drum Shots 
-       Freedom East Coast Hip Hop vol. 2 

These expansion Sound Packs are all pre-formatted for immediate use in BEAT THANG and BTV, and can be purchased a la carte and in various bundles or collections (TBC).