Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sonic8 Take on E-MU distribution.

Sonic8 Limited would like to announce that we have just been appointed UK and Ireland distributors of e-mu systems.

E-MU Systems are renowned worldwide for their samplers and their use of sampling and digital audio technologies. They are a leading developer of digital audio products to serve musicians and audio professionals. They design and manufacture audio/MIDI interfaces, software instruments, USB/MIDI controllers and powered reference monitors, many of which make use of proprietary VLSI/Chip technology and E-MU's advanced software algorithms.

Some folks think E-MU Systems was born in the early eighties in an old Victorian house in, California. In fact, E-MU Systems was started in 1971, in a fifties-era house a few blocks away. The story goes that they decided to try to build their own synthesizer and the electronics suppliers kept asking for a company name, so they decided on E-MU Systems (pronounced 'Ee-myoo'), which of course are the first syllables in 'Electronic Music'.

E-MU's very first prototype was called the Black Mariah and in the summer of 1972, E-MU moved to Santa Clara and officially opened its doors. It was April of 1973 when the first E-MU modular synthesizer was sold. It wasn’t until 1981 when the Emulator I started E-MU down a long and storied road of digital instruments and technologies that continue to be developed to this day. Many of these instruments, like the SP-1200 and Proteus 1, have fundamentally changed the way the world makes music today, and E-MU continues to develop new products and technologies that will inspire great music into the future.

Click here a product history timeline

Sonic8 Limited are proud to be working alongside such an innovative manufacturer who have pushed the boundaries of electronic music and recording for so long.

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