Tuesday, 30 November 2010

iLok2 Now Available

Sonic8 Limited are proud to announce the release of iLok2 the new version of the iLok.

iLok2 is smaller than the original iLok. It’s shiny, sleek, and black with a bright blue LED band that lights up when it is plugged in to a working USB port. It’s stronger, more durable, and typically holds over 5 times the licenses. If you’re more into form factor, it’s shiny and has a cool blue light!

iLok2 was designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of both users and software publishers and has addressed issues raised by users to create the ultimate in copy protection.

The iLok2 typically holds over 500 licenses but depending on the type of licenses you own, the iLok2 may hold far more. With this increase in capacity, you can carry more licenses with you than ever before.

With iLok2 you can have both original iLoks and iLok2’s in your account (at www.iLok.com) at the same time. The new version is backward-compatible with the original iLok, the only exception is the discontinued License Card slot. You can download new licenses and move licenses between iLoks of either type registered to your account using iLok.com's Move Licenses utility. You can also transfer licenses from either type of iLok to a different iLok.com account using the Transfer Licenses utility, subject to software publisher restrictions.

iLok2 can be protected with Zero Downtime protection just like the original iLok.

iLok2 features:
• Typically 5 times the number of licenses of the original iLok.
• A smaller size (as requested by users), iLoks can now be inserted side by side in adjacent USB ports.
• Even tougher construction.
• Customization. You can add your own custom labelling underneath a protective sleeve. Add stickers, photos etc. It’s your iLok, customize it! You can download templates to make your own custom labels from iLok.com

iLok2 represents a significant step forward in protection for software licenses and is now even more portable, convenient and durable than ever before.

Sonic8 Limited - Professional Audio Distribution

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