Thursday, 6 January 2011

MORPHEUS DropTune Update

Morpheus are offering a free firmware update for their hugely successful DropTune pedal. DropTune V1.2 makes the groundbreaking polyphonic pitch drop technology even better, with more punch, clarity and realism than ever before. All that's needed is a PC, a USB cable, a DropTune pedal and the Morpheus DropTune Update1.2.exe to kick the DropTune pedal into high gear.  

Droptune Baby!
The upgrade is available free at right now! 

All Morpheus pedals come with a USB port, allowing for continual upgrades as Morpheus engineers make them available. With Morpheus, a guitarist's pedal will never be outdated.

For more info on the DropTune check out the Morpheus Drop Tune Pedal page at 

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